Monday, May 20, 2013

The Rubber Hitting the Road

Some info about the upcoming week:

Thursday (May 23) @ 6:00pm - Final meeting at Swamp Rabbit Cafe. Sign making party and flash mob practice.

Friday (May 24) @ 9:00 pm - Pub Crawl Against Monsanto. See Sara Mucha for more details (or Sara, you can post them below).

Saturday (May 25) - 8:30 am final flash mob practice. If you are interested in participating in the Flash Mob, let Jess or Aaron Ba...yne know.

Saturday - 11:00 @ The Downtown Farmers Market - Flash Mob

Saturday 12:00 -1:00 @ County Square - begin meeting and organizing route lines

Saturday 1:00 - March will commence from County Square. We will have two route plans. Plan A for up to 100 participants. Plan B for more than 100 participants. Those routes will be posted closer to the march.

Saturday 3:00 - After Party at Swamp Rabbit Cafe and Grocery. You will be able to network and mingle while enjoying food and drink from The SWC. You can purchase beer and wine and drink it ouside on the property. It will be a great time to reflect on all we've done!

We will have a videographer and photographer there to document the entire event. If you do not wish your face to be captured, hide it whenever you see a camera.

Remember to wear red for the most part. If you did not order a shirt, you can make one. There are lots of neat ideas on the internet. Google Non GMO or Monsanto shirts and you'll find tons.

Signs - no bigger than 20X30, and no sharp edges or points on the post of the sign (handle). Remember to avoid violent references or "fear tatic" type of signs and clothing. (PLEASE read the announcement from our national oganizers about the expectations for non violent behavior).

March "rules" - MUST stay on the sidewalks and obey traffic signs (little red hand at crosswalks, etc). MUST keep moving unless you are waiting for traffic. MUST not block or impede business. These are city regulations and it is the responsiblity of the individual to follow them.

Remember there is no insurance or legal representation provided by MAM. There are organizers but no one individual is "in charge". Each person is responsible for him or her self.

I am so excited, and I cannot wait to see your faces!!

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